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The restaurant industry exists in the service of others: to provide nourishment, comfort and joy. But by typical design it also provides a byproduct: an average of half a pound of edible food is discarded per diner, per meal, every day (totaling upwards of $160 billion in wasted food per year in this country alone).

Each ticket for the majority of our future dining events will purchase roughly 10,000 grams of food. Approximately 65% of that will make it to your plate in some form or another. 35% of the remaining product, whether it's peelings or bones, has been made into a preserved product that we will make use of in the future.

We started cooking next month's menu last year.

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    Check out our eco conscious alternatives to everyday house hold items. Weirdly specific candles, artisanal soaps, and much more.

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    We're teaming up with some of our favorite artists on bespoke T-shirts, Totes, and much more. Each item clothing is uniquely dyed using discard from our culinary program and/and or made from upcycled or organic materials.

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    Help us reduce our kitchen waste and get your hands on one off herb + spice blends, salts, vinegars, and ferments.

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