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We Are Slow Burn

SB Candles

SB Candles

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Organic coconut + soy wax candles made to order and poured into reusable vessels. Hand-mixed and poured scents uniquely inspired by some of our favorite chef memories.

12oz ---> 80hrs burn time

These items ship out before christmas!


Scent Descriptions:

I'm Walkin Here!
Smells like roasted nuts, brown sugar and spices.

All My Friends Are Tomatoes
Smells like our pandemic garden tomato leaf, birch, and gardenia.

Urban Forager
Smells like the pomegranate you discretely stole off your neighbors tree and angostura bitters.

Dive Bar
Smells like red wine, leather and smoke.

The Orchard
Smells like the farm we used to live on in the early mornings when the marine layer would roll over the canyons and through the Meyer lemon patch.

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